Friday, October 24, 2014

HALLOWEEN: Have Fun, There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of

It’s Halloween time and I am looking back on the stuff I used to like. I guess I still like them but just never do them anymore. Such as Trick or Treating. Going from door to door in the neighborhood dresses in a costume and asking…no wait…expecting the person behind the door to give me candy. My mom would tell me stories of when she was a kid and instead of candy it would be money, mainly pennies or nickels. Beggers night is what she would call it. When you look back on it, I guess that is what we did and in a way they still do.

Then there are all the stories to go along with the night. Ghosts, Goblins and Witches rule the night going in and out of the shadows. A full moon’s glow with and eerie night cloud floating by it only makes the most scary night of the year more fun. Then hospitals opening the doors to X-ray candy and those apples Mrs. White always gave out to the neighborhood kids. They would look for razor blades, synergies and any other spooky threat perpetrated on the un-suspecting youth.  Nothing was ever found or reported but still they would look, adding to the “terror” of the night.

What about all those movies which would come out at this time. The Nightmare’s which happened on Elm Street or the camp kids getting hacked by dude in a hockey mask. Then there was the crazy brother who terrorized his sister, especially around Halloween. Not to mention the Screams, the houses at the end of the street and the campy ones making fun of all the others. Designed to frighten people, these movies were a God-send to guys on dates. Fun nights were had as we played protector or were they just wanting us to put our arm around them? Ahh a mystery for the ages.

Haunted houses, Halloween alternatives and a variety of other events helping create memories in our minds as we get older. Entertaining every one with stories around back-yard fires as we cooked hotdogs are on a stick and with those gooey marshmallows. We impart these rites of passages to our kids so they can have the same yet different memories to pass on to their children.

So this Halloween, put on your favorite costume, watch your favorite scary movie but most of all remember this is for the kids. Allow them to have fun and teach them to enjoy life by not being afraid of those things that can do no harm. We need to stop raising our kids to be afraid at every shadow and raise them to enjoy living.

Have fun…there’s nothing to be afraid of.