Monday, March 9, 2015


On my jet with about 100 other folk
Willie Nelson sang, “On the Road Again” about his love for travel and living the gypsy lifestyle. He has even said in an interview he is so much at home on his tour bus that when he is actually at home he will still sleep on his bus. I've heard a lot of artists convey the same idea as they travel. Most are given a hotel room, usually a suite, in a nice hotel only to use it for meet and greets or for meetings then actually sleep on their bus because it’s there “home.” Life on the road isn't easy but when you have those kind of accommodations to enhance your love for this gypsy life, then it does make a difference.

I don’t have a tour bus, I have a Boeing 737 which I share with over 100 other people each weekend. I would like a tour bus which would save of packing each weekend. I wouldn't forget some of my stuff, like I did this week because the bus would be my mobile home with all I need. Before you and I get all caught up in the “glamour” of life on the road allow me to take a second or two to say, sometimes it isn't all it’s cracked up to be. I stayed in a hotel where you had to slip a wire over the door knob for your “security” lock. I've had to leave the comfort of my bed, on more than one occasion, at 3am to drive 2 or 3 hours to catch a flight home. Once even in a snow storm. There is a lot of alone time, where it’s just you and the television. If there isn't anything on or the hotel has a cheap cable package you better have packed a book to read, your laptop for work to do (which there is always plenty) or at the very least a deck of cards to play solitaire.

Bundled together that way, life on the road doesn't sound much fun. But rarely is there a perfect storm of a weekend. The “catastrophes” I've faced for the most part is like this weekend where I forgot my Ipod (which I take on every trip) and my wireless mouse other than that, so far so good. With some of those bad experiences I mentioned, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention some of the good stuff. One of which is simply, I get to travel. I've gotten to see and experience things I never thought I would or at the very least just dreamed about. I have gotten to see this great country in which we live and meet a lot of interesting people. The mom and pop places I've gotten to eat in are too numerous to mention plus I get to see my family often.

Through my travels I have made new friends and have the opportunities to hang out with friends I've had for years. Plus I get to do what I love to do, be on stage. Standing on that stage performing for people I've only just met is a top notch experience for me where I get to be me and who I am.

This Gypsy lifestyle Willie sings about, well, it the life for me.